QuestNet Complaint: Another victim of false rumors

QuestNet as well all know is one of the most popular MLM (Multi level marketing) Company at the moment and has been in the industry for over a decade or so. It has been a leader at selling luxury and collectible products as well as vacation packages to its members. Lately it has also specialized in the wellness products. The reason why QNet stands out as a company is because the company offers these products for further selling of it or referring it to others and earning rewards and rebates for the same. The company which started up in Asia today has an operational franchisee in most of the countries of the world.   However, lately there have been a few claims and QuestNet complaints that the company is entirely a fraud and it is conning people with its strategy. To be honest all such rumors are entirely fake and misinterpreted.

QuestNet is one of the most transparent and well functioning MLM Company till date. It has fairly given every member it’s due and also has generated a strong member base till date. It is thus quite weird to browse through Questnet Complaints and rumors on the World Wide Web as well as in the press. The main reason I believe why Questnet has been defamed is solely because of its popularity. After Questnet, there were many MLM Companies who started similar venture to gain success the way Qnet achieved but sadly they couldn’t quite make do of it and never got the member base as good and strong as Qnet itself. Thus they started spreading rumors about Qnet’s improper functioning as well as the inability of Qnet to remunerate its members as well. What really doesn’t make me understand is how people can even believe such rumors in the first place. If QNet indeed didn’t function well or didn’t remunerate its members then obviously, every member would have suffered through this problem. But that has not been the case and neither has any member officially. Also a few rumors on the World Wide Web which claim that are true reviews of certain members of QNet itself, are nothing but rumors spread by members who couldn’t quite capitalize on the functioning and working of the QNet and probably incurred losses due to it. So they chose to blame the QNet instead of accepting their own mistake about the failure.

QuestNet complaints and allegations which have been doing the rounds for quite some time now are honestly a well marketed strategy and there any members and prospects who fell for the ploy. However there are a few secured and trustworthy members of QNet who have complete faith in the firm and know that the entire thing is farce and will soon settle down instead of harming the company’s reputation. Some members have even gone on the World Wide Web to support the firm and entrust in other members to support the company instead of blatantly agreeing to such false and baseless rumors.

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