QuestNet Reviews and Rumours, another attempt at hampering the company’s image

QuestNet is definitely one of the finest and the best known direct selling company and has been operation for over a decade now in different parts of the world. It is an online based portal that works on the infamous MLM model to benefit its members with the selling of the products. It is a joint subsidiary started by Vijay Eswaran, the chairperson at QI Companies. After becoming a part of Questnet, any member can start earning remunerations and profits and thus get benefitted due to the multi level marketing strategy. The company’s main aim has always been to let the members earn as much as they can from the company. The main idea of Qnet has been to sell products to its members who in turn sell it to others thus generating sales and profits. However lately, all we can see on the news channels is the headlines that Qnet is a big fraud and it is a company filled with scam techniques and is not at all transparent. However, being a Qnet member myself, I firmly disapprove and disagree to all such claims as I myself know and believe that QNEt is one of the most transparent companies in the direct selling category and has always benefitted its members with its policy and marketing strategy. Here is a Questnet review that I would like to share.

Questnet reviews on the World Wide Web and in newspapers have been quite negative and discouraging. As far as I know, the company has always worked at the behest of the member and as always helped in having the member earn profits from the firm. According to me the defamation of QuestNet may have been caused by members who couldn’t quite capitalise and generate enough profits on Questnet and in turn chose to hamper the image of the company. And if there was any truth that QNet doesn’t offer a good compensation then Im pretty sure every member would have had that problem.

Besides all this, Questnet Reviews have also claimed that the company is not as trustworthy and loyal compared to other firms. This goes to show that the disparaging and defaming act may have been spread my other rival companies too who always wanted to make it bi like Questnet but couldn’t really do so as Qnet’s fan base and member is way too much for a direct selling company. Fortunately, a few members like me have been convincing and approaching other concerned Qnet members as well as future prospects of members to not believe such false rumours and baseless allegations about Qnet being fraudulent. Even with the massive support that already exists with QNet, the company remains to be one of the finest and the most rewarding direct selling company till date and no matter how many times there is a plunge taken to defame or hamper the reputation of the company, it is pretty evident that the company will still stand tall and continue to top the charts on being the best MLm company all over the world.

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