Questnet complaints and rumours are a big lie

Questnet, as most of the people know is a direct selling company that has transformed the way people earn through a start up business. The company which was formed a decade ago under the able leadership of Dr Vijay Eswaran today has a huge member base in several countries including prominent Asian countries like India, Malaysia and Singapore. Questnet has been active in other countries too and has garnered a good amount of member base as well in the past 5 to 6 years. The reason why Questnet as a direct selling company has proved to be such a huge success is because of the multi level marketing style of working which makes it sure that the company remunerates its members handsomely with the prospects of sponsors and referrals. Although there have been a few Questnet complaints spreading on the world wide web recently which suggest that the company has been literally conning and looting people as wells the entire company is fraudulent and farce. To be quite clear, it’s not the company but the complaints and rumours that tend to be farce and untrue in this case.

Questnet complaints and rumours are definitely baseless and intentionally played by several rival companies maybe who tried to open a similar venture as well, like Questnet but didn’t get the success or member as they were looking for. Questnet has also been a victim of rumours that are spread by some of its own disgruntled members who never understood the functioning of Quesntet and started blaming the company instead for loss of profits and remunerations. Questnet has always worked efficiently along with its members to ensure maximum profits and high quality services to sponsors and referrals.  Also, the member base hasn’t really faced any such problems especially the ones that have been loyal with the company in terms of working and sponsorships.  Also, the company on the other hand hasn’t really suffered losses or member cancellations due to such rumours because it is quite obvious that the member base of Questnet is strong in itself.

Being a worthwhile member of Questnet myself I have so far been quite amazed by the sheer amazing service that the company has offered.  It has also helped me in setting up a business for myself and work part time while I also simultaneously work on something else that I love doing. The membership so far has not only been profitable but has also been fruitful in many ways for me. Questnet complaints and rumours that are spreading will continue to spread due to the amount of rival companies that seek to break the trust generated by Questnet. But to me the company will stand out as the finest direct selling company and the same I believe applies to other loyal members as well. The company today is undoubtedly the best MLM model company in most of the countries and with such an increasing amount of fan base and member base of the company; it remains to be a victim to the responses of rival companies and spread more false Questnet complaints.

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