Qnet Complaints – The Actual Truth

In the fast developing world of today, the needs of a common man are no longer satiable. People now want a large variety of products to choose from; they have become highly price sensitive and are always looking for the best deal. In such an environment some companies find the increasing competition difficult to cope with. Some have even started to adopt unethical means to beat competition. Such is the case of the competitors of MLM and Direct Selling Market leader Qnet. Most of the Qnet complaints being floated on the World Wide Web have been the doing of unsuccessful and desperate market competitors who are not able to beat this company through ethical means. 

Qnet complaints are usually full of accusations like the company is using illegal methods to trick people and that the delivery of products is not prompt and reliable. Anybody who has dealt with the company even once can tell you that these accusations are absolutely baseless. Qnet is the main subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies which has been around for more than 75 years. Established in Hong Kong in 1998, this MLM Company has since then managed to gain popularity all across the world. With a presence in over 30 countries world wide through branch offices and Independent Representatives (IRs), Qnet can boast for a happy customer and member base of over a million people. They work on a simple binary system of compensation. An aspiring member of the company can register his or herself by simply investing an introductory amount in one of their products. This makes them a member and Independent Representative. They can then go on to sell the company’s products and recruit people as and when they come across people who are interested in associating with the company or looking to make some money on the side. For every product sold and every new member recruited the IR is given compensation. This continues even when the recruited member recruits more people under him. Such is the method of earning under the dynamic marketing company. There is no scope for tricking members or consumers as all their products are of the highest quality and come with guarantees. Further the company prides itself on its excellent customer service and prompt delivery and has always put the needs of the consumer before theirs.

Although the process by which Qnet works is simple it is often misunderstood which has cause dissatisfaction amongst a few people. Qnet complaints come from people who haven’t understood the system and won’t be successful in any direct selling company because of their lack of abilities. Recruiting efficient members and selling products is not an easy task and people who think otherwise are often the ones complaining in the end. Most rival companies have either not be able to recruit efficient members or have faltered in their product quality. The frustration of competing in such a cut throat environment has caused them to float such preposterous and hurtful stories about a company that has always been transparent and sincere in their working. So the next time you read of Qnet complaints on the internet or a magazine you’ll know better than to believe them blindly.

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