Questnet Review – How it’s taken Asia by storm

Large scale development and technological advance has taken the world by storm. Every minute new a road is being built, new technology is being launched and international networks are being formed. People are now exposed to a wide range of products and services that didn’t exist before. FDI has allowed for a number of multinational companies to set up base in emerging economies providing the people with jobs and quality products and services. One such extremely successful multination corporation is Quest.  My Questnet review will tell you why they are a company worth looking out for and why you should be associating with them.

Most of the Questnet reviews I have encountered over the World Wide Web have been positive ones. However I wanted to see for myself how much truth was in these numerous good reviews. I must say that Questnet was everything I expected it to be and so much more. Questnet was established in the year 1998 and is the main subsidiary of the prestigious QI Group of Companies that has been in existence for over 75 years. It was first launched in Hong Kong and has since then gone on to spread to a number of countries all over the globe. At present they have branch offices and independent representatives (IRs) in over 40 countries across the world and are concentrated in the Asian continent. One of their most successful branches offices is in Singapore which is also the headquarters of their travel and lifestyle division. This office is home to over a million independent representatives and loyal customers. The theme of Questnet is simple to understand; they work on the concepts of MLM and direct selling. In order to become a member of this company the aspirant has to invest an initial fee by way of purchase of any of their products. Once registered he has to go on to sell products offered by them as well as recruit more members. For every member that he recruits and sale he makes he is given a generous compensation. This motivated the independent to bring in more people like him into the company thereby increasing the profitability of the company. They offer a wide range of products that include things like educational items, travel packages, wellness products and many more.

Many negative Questnet reviews have been floated across the World Wide Web by competitors and former members who have not been able to make profits due to their short comings. These reviews are incorrect and baseless and are a cheap ploy at demeaning and tarnishing the name of the company. Direct Selling is not a simple task. It requires skill and the ability to act when an opportunity provides itself. People who thought otherwise and looked at Questnet as a quick and easy way to make some extra money have suffered. The company has a strong member base world over and has time and again proved the authenticity and correctness of their business processes and work ethics. I hope my Questnet review has cleared any doubts you have in your mind about this internationally celebrated company.

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