Questnet complaint – A Review

Questnet is a company based in Hong Kong. The company is into the sales of different varieties of jewels, watches, holiday packages, and various other products. This company is based on the business model called multi-level marketing. It is very convenient for a company to operate anywhere across the globe in this model, since it need not have offices in the places where it has to operate. Instead the company can appoint direct representatives to it, who will introduce their product or concept to the public directly. They will in turn become members or representatives of the company who will also involve themselves into direct selling. The direct sales representatives of questnet receive their commission based on their promotional activities. But there are some important questnet complaints which make them questionable.

The main questnet complaint is that, since the company operates on a pyramid model, the initial members earn more as the representatives grow. In order to enter into this business model, the direct sales representatives have to put in certain investment which is returned as commission. But, the initial investors get more benefit than the members joined later as it becomes difficult to identify further representatives after a certain level of growth. Since the members who joined later in questnet in any location have to put in lot of effort to join representatives after them, it becomes difficult for them to earn a lot of profit as compared to the members joined earlier. Once the members themselves start complaining of the model instead of promoting the product, the company collapses in that location.

Some of the other questnet complaints received are like the harassment done to join the chain, illegal receipt of money, etc. But, the company has also regulated certain rules in order to check the code of conduct of the representatives joining the business model. Though these are the complaints about the individuals joining the chain, the brand name of questnet is also spoiled due to this aspect.

Because of various complaints, the company has also been banned its operations in various countries like  Srilanka, Sudan, Syria, etc., and has also been fined in some of the countries for its illegal operations. The company has also been cancelled with its licence temporarily in Afghanistan so as to enable it to reframe its laws in order to operate smoothly.

In spite of these operational problems, there are also problems or complaints about the products being sold, which are not being addressed or represented properly. In Syria, many people protested against the company for the reason that they were cheated with cheaper products or unworthy products like invalid mobile phones, copper products instead of gold products, and so on. Due to these malpractices also, the company went into the situation of being banned in the country, reason for which has not been sorted out by the company. Another questnet complaint, being its controversial product biodisk or biodisc, which is claimed to replace the energy of water, is not been tested or proved so far.

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