QuestNet complaints, fake stories

When we talk about multi-level marketing companies, QuestNet, is definitely one of them. QuestNet is a direct selling company that offers a diverse selection of innovative product lines – from Wellness and Energy to Health and Nutrition to Holiday Packages and a whole lot more. It has been around for more than a decade and is one of the leading multi-level marketing companies today. However, the QuestNet complaints that have surfaced the web recently, had created a negative impact on the good reputation of the company.

The business plan of this company is simple. On initial investment, a person can become a member of the company. He is then encouraged to sell the company’s products and also recruit new members. By doing so, he receives compensation. As the sales and the recruitments increase, his compensation increases as well. The company has always been following and still follows ethical means of functioning. The biggest proof of this is the huge customer base that the company enjoys. QuestNet complaints stated that the company is conning people and robbing the customers through fake promises. This is far from the truth. It is one of the most transparent and well-functioning MLM Company to date. It has fairly compensated each member and this can be proven by their strong member base. It is thus weird to see all these stories that are up on the web stating otherwise.  I believe the main reason that QuestNet has been accused is because of its popularity.

A lot of companies came up to follow QuestNet’s footsteps, but they couldn’t keep up because of their incapacity to sustain the business. Thus, these rival companies turned to defaming the company by spreading rumours about it as being illegal and a con. Further, they came up with stories of people who claimed to be QuestNet Independent Representatives (IRs) who have suffered severe losses. I simply fail to understand how people could believe all these rumours. If it was really a fraudulent company, wouldn’t the existing members dissolve their membership? In fact, they have been doing really well. No member has given any statement regarding malpractises and they even have been praising the company and talking about how their lives have changed because of QuestNet. QuestNet complaints are nothing but a poor attempt by rivals to pull down the company. It was later found out that some of the IRs had put up negative reviews as well the reason being that they were unable to capitalise on the opportunity and hence were not compensated. Now tell me which MLM company will compensate if you do not make sales or recruit people? How can the company be blamed for their own incapability?

Therefore, one could say that the QuestNet complaints are nothing but an act of jealousy on the part of rival companies and an act of vengeance on the part of unhappy IRs. As a loyal member of this company almost four years now, it makes me really sad that there are people who would want to blame their inefficiency to someone else rather than addressing it themselves. 

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