How MLMs regained consumers trust after the QuestNet complaint

Most of our lives have taken a steep turn in trying to manage our inflated expenses or the elated lifestyle that we desire to live. And, with the world becoming an expensive place to survive, with every passing day, an additional source of income has become a must! You just can’t do without it! But the next concern for most of us is, with a steady full time job in hand, how do we manage an alternate source of income? We definitely can’t stretch the 24 hours at hand into 48 hours, so it’s best to move around it in a smarter way and what better than the networking business? Quite a few of us would have heard of the term earlier, but it’s time to clear all those misconceptions and confusions.

So, here we go. The multilevel marketing industry is the foremost choice for anybody who wants to earn extra income. Like I mentioned earlier, few of us are quite familiar with the term multilevel marketing or direct selling and have absorbed the concept pretty well since MLM companies have been in existence for decades now. But people seem to confuse multilevel marketing with pyramid schemes, not really understanding that there’s a vast a difference between the two. Pyramid schemes are illegal as it only focuses on rewarding members for the recruitment of new members. Multilevel marketing is a legitimate business model that rewards members for genuine product sales. If a customer wants to be an independent distributor or representative of an MLM company, they have to enroll themselves and attend the training programs of the company to equip themselves with adequate marketing skills needed to be successful in the business. The amount of compensation they receive from the company depends on the amount of hard work they invest, resulting into sales. This way, the company improves the entrepreneurial skills of the individual and allows them to earn well at the same time. It is for these reasons that budding entrepreneurs get attracted to multilevel marketing companies.

In the past, incidents like QuestNet complaint had tainted the image of the multilevel company. There were discussions and debates on the integrity of the multilevel marketing industry in general. Through time, the QuestNet complaint was forgotten and the industry was given a chance to start afresh. Today, people are interested in MLM companies more than ever.  The MLM industry is thriving and people and societies are benefiting from it amazingly. Critics and economists believe that the multi-level marketing industry definitely has a long way into the future as long as it compensates its independent representatives in proportion to the efforts invested. It actually makes you feel like you own the business. The harder you work in promoting it, the higher are the returns. And this simple algorithm is what will take this industry further.

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2 Responses to How MLMs regained consumers trust after the QuestNet complaint

  1. Vinayak Poddar says:

    Like they say, it takes lifetime to build up a good reputation but only one single thing to lose it all. This is what happened with them. Some fake rumor, and it spread like a wildfire trying to burn down the reputation of QuestNet along with the entire MLM model following companies. Luckily for QuestNet, they doused the flame before it could do much damage, thus safeguarding their reputation.

  2. Vihan Bhatia says:

    It’s really hard to believe that one fake rumor online would cost a company its goodwill and brand image. I applaud QuestNet, who managed to overcome and regain the confidence of its customers and IRs. QuestNet is an inspiration for other network marketing companies. Its business model has proven to be successful.

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