Just how wrong is the QuestNet review?

The most successful companies are not only those that manage to gain a large following of customers but also those that are capable of coming out stronger after adverse times. A number of companies have had to face problems and have emerged as winners in their fields. An excellent example of such a situation is the direct selling company – QuestNet, which went through a lot of criticism and is, in fact, still being scrutinized today because of baseless allegations linking it to pyramid schemes. However, these allegations have already been proven wrong and put to rest some time ago and since then, the company has become even stronger while growing its network of customers all over the world.

Why you shouldn’t follow the QuestNet reviews blindly?

There is no doubt that this review was a method to bring down the company. Whether it was done by competitors or dissatisfied customers, it is not known for sure. Regardless of this, the aim was to create a disreputable image of the company so that it would flounder. The review stated that the practices used by the company to generate its income were unethical and it resulted to many people losing their money to the company.  A number of reviews also claimed that the products offered by the company were below average, thus cheating customers of the quality they were paying for and making a profit out of it.

However, if you delve into the company’s past and its customers, you will find that this is clearly not the case. As a multilevel marketing company, it has a wide network of customers from all over the world who are not only happy with the products offered but also vouch for the quality. In fact, many of these customers have gone on to being associated with the company and turned into IRs (Independent Representatives) who promotes existing products and services of the company to other potential customers. If this is the level of satisfaction customers feel, how is it possible that the products offered are blow average in terms of quality? The truth is that, the company only offers products that meet global standards of quality and are tested and tried at some of the most prestigious organizations.

The multilevel marketing scheme is an easy to understand, fool proof method for growing the network of customers. It involves satisfied customers who opt to become IRs to promote and sell the company’s products to others. Depending on the sales acquired by these IRs, the company compensates their efforts. This means that in order for the network to grow and for IRs to be successful, a certain amount of effort has to be put in, which in turn shows that there is no room for unethical methods to become rich or successful. This also shows that the QuestNet review is definitely not true when it comes to allegations about customers being cheated. The fact that the company managed to bounce back, even after all the criticisms and bad publicities, shows that an honest company will remain successful no matter what is thrown at it.

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