Joseph Bismark – The Spiritual Tycoon

The desire to lead in the corporate world has been on the rise. Students are inspired by various role models who have led a tough life and Joseph Bismark is one of those whose life has motivated many people to pursue their dreams. He has created a name for himself in the multi-level marketing industry. At the tender age of nine, he explored his spiritual side and lived in an ashram in the mountains of the Philippines till he was seventeen. To pursue his ambitions, he entered the world of network marketing, where he thrived.

In 2008, Joseph Bismark became the Group Managing Director of the globally-renowned QI Group of Companies. His vision helped to elevate the company’s image in the eyes of customers and distributors. He incorporated his experiences and practices from his days at the ashram into the business, hence building a reputation for himself as a network marketing master through spirituality. Mr Bismark is also a Trustee for the RYTHM Foundation, the charity arm of the QI Group.

Joseph Bismark has helped millions of entrepreneurial aspirants through his popular blog, Gems of Wisdom, where he shares his thoughts and reflections on life, previously privy only to employees within the QI Group.

His commitment has been tremendously applauded by the corporate world. Joseph Bismark made people realize that happiness cannot be attained by simply chasing materialistic dreams. Self-realisation and spirituality are important for lifelong delight and fulfillment.

It is the path of inward fulfillment that accelerates personal satisfaction and gratitude for the past. Joseph Bismark has focused on the merging of spirituality and business. He states that they can exist together as an inseparable unit. As a part of the top managerial staff the QI Group of Companies, he is presently working with its network marketing subsidiary, QNET, which is growing increasingly popular with every passing day. He also believes that a company flourishes only when its workers are at peace and putting efforts towards the company’s success. With extraordinary success stories such as Mr Bismark’s, it is no surprise that entrepreneurship has become a popular pursuit.

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