QuestNet approach to virtual advertising

Multilevel marketing companies have adopted various fads. This openness has increased the pace of their progress. QuestNet is a leading direct selling home enterprise, which has garnered appreciation for its use of cutting edge technology. In spite of the negative rumours, their progress has not witnessed a decline. This is evident with the company’s presence at Wembley, which is a huge achievement for any network marketing company. It is big news because it is one of the first Asian companies to employ the use of this technology on a global scale in international football.

Digital billboards are a welcome change from the traditional ones. They are visually appealing and are successful in capturing attention. QuestNet has supported innovation and the world’s eyes were indeed on this direct selling company during a friendly Soccer match between England and Holland. The company’s logo was prominently displayed on the digital bill boards, viewed by an audience of billions. Managing Director of this company, JR Mayer said, “As the fastest growing online shopping and business community in the world, this advertising technology allows us to take a global positioning…European soccer, as the brand of the game, has proven to attract a worldwide audience for the world’s most-watched sport, and this is particularly suited to DBR. In addition to the heightened exposure levels that the match could provide for brands, DBR allows us global advertising buy.”

They have become a favourite amongst commercial entities. To know the reasons for the popularity of this form of advertising, we should understand the advantages they have to offer. Digital billboards can be easily updated with new messages and they can be shown in interesting ways. The QuestNet logo on the digital billboard was animated. This sight in high definition was definitely an alluring one. The company’s tagline was also shown. The benefits of a bright display cannot be ignored. During night, the effect of the colours on the billboard is enhanced. The message is effectively conveyed. The set up costs of such technology are economical. It is a myth that it is expensive. Digital Billboard Replacement Technology is definitely a big trend! It has changed the experience of watching a particular sport.

This development has definitely aided the company in its progress. Headquartered in Hong Kong, this company has offices in more than thirty countries. It retails various lifestyle related products to customers across the globe. They are tested in various ways, keeping the safety concern in check. It offers abundant opportunities to individuals to enjoy the benefits of direct selling. It has successfully generated employment openings for young adults. The nature of the industry is such that even senior citizens can reap benefits from direct selling. The company’s membership in various Direct Selling Associations strengthens its authenticity. The certification by TRUSTe is another accomplishment for this renowned network marketing company. It is a company, which has navigated through challenging waters to attain this success. The story of its growth is very inspiring. Their work reflects their ideology, RHYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind)

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One Response to QuestNet approach to virtual advertising

  1. Nishal Bheda says:

    QuestNet is a MLM company that stands out of the herd of other Network Marketing companies. I feel it is the best network marketing company in today’s world.In the current times many companies rely on fake news and frauds to make big bucks for them and QuestNet isn’t in that league. It is their transparent work structure that has gained them the success that it enjoys today.

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