QuestNet review highlights company’s winning culture

I had met up with a friend and we ended up talking about our work cultures. I am a part of the network marketing company QuestNet where a pleasant work environment is essential for the development of the company and the employees too. In this world of network marketing, my role model is Ms Donna Imson. She is the executive chairperson of QuestNet and her views on this subject are very fascinating and enlightening, too.

I once read a write-up in a QuestNet magazine which dealt with the importance of a winning culture. Ms Donna’s views reflect the workings of this industry. According to her, to attain success in this profession, it is of utmost importance that you build a team who can work very well together. Ms Donna’s poignant words regarding the creation of this culture struck a chord with me. She defined the word culture beautifully in that article. She said, “A culture is individual, yet collective; personal, yet united by purpose and passion.”

She had also spoken about the importance of shared values in the write-up, saying that the beauty of having shared values is that these ideals are not enforced on people. Instead, they are followed with interest and are rooted in the hearts of the members of the company. The conviction that the members have in their shared values are what led to the founding of RYTHM (Raise Yourself to Help Mankind) Foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility arm of QuestNet.

I read a QuestNet Review in which the writer had praised the company for making all the teammates feel like a close-knit family.  Here, the writer had poured appreciation for this multilevel marketing enterprise and its dedication, to its values and ideals.

Ms. Donna further stated that the members’ desire to deliver laudable service defines the culture of this company. What is fascinating about the leaders of this organisation is that they make it a point to get involved with their team and aid them in service, rather than enjoy some special treatment. Their down-to-earth nature has played a significant role in the success of this company. Belief in truth, RYTHM, and a strong attitude has made this company rise to a great stature, and has allowed it to contribute to the well-being of society. Its strong presence in more than 30 countries and having 6 million customers all across the globe have been made possible because of the strong foundation of shared values.

QuestNet has enjoyed resounding success through the years, because of its conviction in upholding a great work culture and by establishing a strong bond with all customers.

This May, the annual V-Convention will be held in Malaysia. It will be thrilling to see what this company has in store for all its supporters and Independent Representatives there.

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One Response to QuestNet review highlights company’s winning culture

  1. Abdul Khan says:

    From how much I know QNET, it is a go getter company. QNET is never satisfied, it keeps on achieving one milestone after another. That is why it is not your everyday MLM company but a cut above the rest. Dominating the market in the current situation is not easy but QNET has been doing this from quite some time now. No wonder more and more people decide to associate with QNET each day.

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